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Friday, July 20th 2012

7:07 AM

Preteen nubile nymphets


Related article: Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 22:55:41 -0700 (PDT)
From: S. Chandra
Subject: Crazy for you ch. 23Well I dont have all of the next part done with, but people keep emailing
me so i thought i'd get this chapter out since i seem to be having writers
block with the other chapters.anyways I can't believe I'm writing this drivel! This is soo not me, oh
well I'm sure people like this romantic mush soo if you do drop me a line
to tell me. As always criticism, compliments and comments are always
accepted. Also feel free to just email me about anything, I'm kinda
friendly, and I usually respond to all email sent to me. The events sexy preteen body in
this story are fictional, and a result of my vivid xxx thai preteen imagination, any
resemblance to real events and people is coincidental Also this is about
two women in a romantic relationship, if you don't like that, get the fek
out!Chapter 23 Nic shivered slightly, and woke up to find Sloane wrapped in her
arms; as the two had slept, night had fallen and it had gotten quite cold,
especially for the small brunette, who was barely covered. preteen sexy lists Nic sighed
quietly as she looked down at her girlfriend sleeping peacefully next to
her, and then softly cursed as she realized how late it was. She awkwardly
reached into her bag searching for her phone; when she found it she flipped
it open and noticed that she had missed three calls, all within the past
hour. She was about to dial her home, when the phone vibrated signaling an
incoming call. "Hey mom..." she softly said into the phone "I realize what time it
is, but we were just out riding and then we sat down for lunch, and I guess
we just fell asleep... I'm sorry; I put my phone on vibrate and I just
didn't hear it...yeah I know...No we're fine, don't send dad to get us,
we'll just ride back...alright we'll be back soon for dinner."Nic turned to Sloane, and sexy latin preteens found her looking sleepily at the blonde; Sloane
smiled and stretched reaching for her dry, badly wrinkled clothes. Nic lay
watching her lover's slight frame disappear behind the clothes and pulled
her down for a quick kiss that quickly turned passionate, and had Nic
pulling at the clothes that the brunette had just put on."Nic," Sloane moaned into the other girl's mouth, "umm shouldn't we be
getting naked preteen cunt
back?""I'm, mmm, sure they can wait another few minutes without us," Nic stated
somewhat muffled, as she nibbled on Sloane's pouty lower lip, "and besides
they probably wont even..." Nic continued but was cut off as the phone
began to vibrate in her pants.Sloane giggled as Nic groaned in frustration, and went to answer the
technological nuisance, barely hearing the smart alecky comment "Is that
your phone or are you just happy to see me?" issue from the full lips she
had just been kissing. amateur nude preteens
She smiled lightly and then began to reassure her
mother that she and Sloane were coming back right home preteen video that second.****************** The two girls had just returned and were in the process of brushing
the horses down, when they were joined in the stables by Gen and Alexa. "Soooo where were you crazy kids all day?" Gen questioned
immediately, "You know the rents were pretty worried." Nic and Sloane looked at each other and smiled. Gen was about to
say something else, when she was nudged violently in her ribs by her better
half, who had been observing the unspoken exchange between the two girls by
the horses. Gen looked at Lex quickly, and received a stare that seemed to
say 'I'll tell you later.' "Umm we'll just tell the rents that you're back then." Gen said as
Alexa pulled her girlfriend away from the stables. The two left in the
stables, quickly groomed the horses and walked back to the house, where
they were lightly chastised by Nic's parents, and then sat preteens lola
down to dinner.
Throughout the meal Gen and Alexa looked at the blonde and brunette
opposite them, with curious eyes. The older Rousseau's seemed preteen tgp nymphet oblivious to
the scrutiny going on at the table, and suggested playing some games after
dinner. Inwardly Nic groaned as she really wanted some alone time with
Sloane, but Sloane had already smiled and agreed to the plans. They all settled down in the warm den, and decided to play the game
of LIFE; when all the girls reached the marriage point, they all opted for
"alternative marriages" as opposed to the two adults who went the more
traditional route. Even so, Alexa and Sloane managed to wind up with two
children apiece, which resulted in a lot of teasing for both the twins and
their preteen dark video parents. After what seemed like hours to Nic, the game finally ended, with
Mr. Rousseau winning by several thousand dollars. The three couples broke
up and headed to their respective rooms, with Gen giving a sly smirk and
wink to her sister.As soon as the door was closed Sloane found herself pinned to the door, as
Nic ravenously attacked her mouth, drawing the smaller woman into a
passionate kiss. Their lips still pressed together, the blonde fervently
muttered, "Clothes, off, now!" and began tugging the offending garments
off. Sloane barely had time to process what was going on, but still
managed to unbutton Nic's shirt, ripping off some of the tricky plastic
disks in her haste. As she reached for the jeans Nic was wearing, a knock
was heard just behind Sloane's back, Nic swore, then pulled her lips and
tongue from Sloane's; causing the brunette to whimper in disappointment,
but then continue to kiss down her lover's jaw and neck. Nic gasped as her
girlfriend continued with her sexual assault and raggedly spoke "Umm yeah?" "Honey, you okay in there? I heard a loud thump while I was
walking by." Erin Rousseau asked "Oh, uh, I just um dropped my bag." preteenn models Nic managed to stutter while
Sloane licked down to her exposed breasts and lightly nibbled on her
excited flesh. preteens pussy model
"Alright then honey, night." "Ohhhh uhhh night mom." Nic waited till she heard her mother pad
away. "I can't believe you did that! What if she wanted to come in?" "Well then she would have gotten an eyeful, wouldn't she have?"
Sloane replied as she ran her hands over Nic's back and nipped at her neck.
"But if you don't want to risk anything, I think I'm just gonna take a nice
relaxing bath." The mischievous girl said as she trailed her hands over
the blonde's tight stomach, and walked to the bathroom shedding the rest of
her clothes. Nic stood there for a minute, and then horney preteens followed her girl into the
bathroom. She was met by the expanse of Sloane's tan supple body, leaning
over the taps to the bath and adjusting the bath water, while adding some
salts that she had found. Nic quickly ran her hands over Sloane's back,
trailing down to her tight butt and gave a squeeze, then a light smack, and
whispered into her ear when she heard the brunette give a yelp of protest,
"That's what you get for being naughty." Her long fingers slid around to
Sloane's front and held her close, gently caressing her fingers up and down
the tone torso, skating them over but never fully touching her aching
breasts. Sloane sighed and candid preteens bathingsuits leaned back, turning her head to meet Nic's
mouth with her own.The two kissed lazily, as the tub filled with water; when the water was at
the right height, the taller girl leaned down and shut the taps off. She
shrugged out of her blouse and reached to pull her jeans down when her
hands were stopped and replaced by slightly smaller ones. Sloane pushed
her lover gently onto the tub's edge and stooped down, first removing her
shoes and socks, then sliding the jeans down, until only Nic's thong
remained. Nic shivered as the brunette's breath ghosted over her
panty-covered crotch, and then jumped when an inquisitive tongue licked
over the slick material.Sloane's hands skimmed sexy preteen body
up, and over Nic's hips and gently tugged at the
material, silently pulling them down until nothing was in the way; slowly
she leaned forward and kissed the damp lips, sliding her tongue between the
moist furrow, gently licking up the juices that Nic secreted. At the first
touch the blonde's eyes had slid shut, and her mouth had opened in a near
silent gasp, as Sloane gently lapped at her. The kneeling girl wound her
arms under Nic's thighs, and pulled her closer to her mouth, while the
blonde's hands tangled into Sloane's raven locks, pulling her as close as
possible. Sloane darted her tongue into Nic and then made her way up to
the blonde's excited clit and sucked on it gently, slowly building Nic's
release.When she felt Nic start to shudder, she pulled back and licked around her
lips, avoiding the excited nub, this went on for a few times, with Sloane
pushing her lover to the edge, then pulling back just before Nic could
orgasm. The frustrated girl preteens pussy model was barely holding on as Sloane suckled at
her, thinking that she couldn't take much more of this teasing. Sloane
seemed to sense this, and when she felt Nic's hands tighten in her hair and
buck into her mouth she drew harder upon the aroused clit, and felt warm
fluid bathe her chin as the blonde finally came. Sloane finally let go of
the other girl's clit when her orgasm died down, and greedily drank the
sweet/salty liquid that had trickled out of her lover.
**** Sorry it's so short, but i promise to get a longer part out soon!
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Friday, July 20th 2012

12:00 AM

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